Assistance with Health & Safety in the Workplace

Every business needs assistance at some point. Whilst you are the expert in your field of work if this is not related to Health & Safety then it’s certainly advisable to get assistance with Health & Safety in the workplace.

If the worst case happens and an unfortunate incident happens at work which results in injury to your employees or any one that’s in contact with your business and you don’t have the correct Health & Safety procedures in place, then you could be looking at a significant fine and not to mention a rise in insurance premiums. It’s not all about the cost though; no doubt you would want to ensure that your employees are free from harm whilst carrying out their work related activities.

Here at Ramsay Safety Solutions we have a team of dedicated Health & Safety Consultants who are able to assist you in making sure you have all of the correct standards and procedures in place. We are able to come into your business and assist you on any aspect of Health & Safety legislation you may need to comply with and achieve these within a reasonable timescale.

We are local to the following areas –

  • Bedfordshire (Beds)

  • Hertfordshire (Herts)

  • North London

For further enquiries you can contact us on 0800 690 6293 and we look forward to hearing from you.

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