Health and Safety Audits W1

Safety has to be a key initiative in any workplace; it is one of the major driving forces behind any responsible company. There is a corporate responsibility to emphasise health and safety to all employees in order to reduce accidents, serious or otherwise to zero, and the upper levels should look to produce a management system capable of facilitating this culture of awareness.

In order to reduce the chance of incidents occurring companies need to be proactive in producing checks and procedures to minimise risk, and have these clearly explained and circulated to all necessary employees. Despite the often hysterical shouts of “health and safety gone mad” (which are often tabloid misrepresentation of some safety rules), it should be remembered that the workplace has became a far safer place, and fatalities are kept to a bare minimum due to working society’s embracing of health and safety rules.

In essence despite the ethical aspect of ensuring that the company’s employees are coming to work in a safe environment, by adhering to strict safety procedures the company can safeguard itself against large fines or punishments from the HSE. Accidents will happen but if the company and its employees work together in a safe manner the health and safety will be duly improved.

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