How to avoid enforcement actions and reduce civil claims


It is well known that not complying with Health and Safety Law can result in potential enforcement notices and increased civil claims leading to fines, prosecution, and even a prison sentence for the Directors of the companies responsible.

It is essential to avoid these actions, below is a summary of some of the aspects that organisations should consider:

Implement a compliant health & safety policy that is current and signed off by a Senior Director and communicated to all employees.

Provide appropriate health and safety inductions for all employees, and on the first day of employment for new employees that join the organisation.

Not undertaking ‘Suitable and Sufficient’ risk assessments for activities carried out within the workplace, and ensuring these are regularly reviewed.

Not implementing an suitable health and safety management system which is regularly used, updated, and communicated to the workforce.

The Employer not ensuring that Employees are signing off that training, information, guidance that has been communicated and is understood.

The Employer not providing sufficient training on plant, equipment, materials, and general aspects of safety at within the specific working. environment

Not ensuring employees have read and understood risk assessment and procedural documents.

Not having regular health and safety meetings and lack of regular consultation with employees on matters of health & safety.

Not keeping records of the training, instruction, guidance and information provided to staff, and reviewing these at regular intervals.

Not undertaking regular audit and addressing deficiencies in a timely fashion based on risk.

As a starting point for any business wishing to strive to reduce any enforcement or civil actions should contact Ramsay Safety Solutions to begin the task of reducing these risks on 0800 690 6293 to find out how we can assist you further.

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