How to get the best from a Fire Risk Assessment

Welcome to Ramsay Safety Solutions, if you own a business and are wondering how to obtain a compliant Fire Risk Assessment then you are in safe hands with us.

Why is a Fire Risk assessment so important?

Fire Risk Assessments should not be overlooked in any business, failure to comply with the Fire Reform Order (FRO) can result in serious fines and even a prison sentence if an accident occurs and a compliant Fire Risk Assessment has not been implemented prior to an incident occurring.

In order to avoid these sanctions it is up to the employer as the “Responsible Person” to manage fire safety within your own business by following the following steps:

  • By undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Using that assessment to find out who is most likely to be at risk if a fire occurs.
  • Implementing and maintaining the correct precautions in case of a fire so that these can protect your employees and other persons that enter your premises.
  • Provide information instruction and training to your employees about what to do in the eventuality of a fire.

We understand at Ramsay Safety Solutions that being a business owner, time is at a premium. That’s why if you use our Fire Risk Assessment services we can ensure that you are legally compliant and everyone that use or enter your premises is safe from the risk of fire.

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