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We spend most of our time in the workplace and as such, we expect our health and safety to be taken care of and for our employers to ensure they implement adequate practices to minimise risks.

Contrary to popular belief, accidents don’t just happen on construction sites or in factories, there are potential risks all around us, some which we will be completely oblivious to, which is why we should be adequately informed and trained to deal with these.

Some workplaces have a dedicated health and safety team to take care of this, while smaller organisations tend to outsource this to specialised companies, such as Ramsay Safety Solutions Limited. It is a legal requirement that a competence person be appointed.

As an company with vast knowledge of health and safety practices, Ramsay Safety Solutions Limited can offer advice to manage health and safety risks and ensure you are meeting with the requirements of the law.

As part of the health and safety audits and inspections, Ramsay Safety Solutions Limited will discuss your health and safety concerns, review your policies and procedures and provide support so that you can make necessary changes to improve your results.

They can also implement a health and safety management system into your workplace, as well as undertaking risk assessments which are compliant with the law and are effective.

Anyone may be at risk from accidents in the workplace, including pregnant workers, young people, manual workers and even those who are office based.

To find out more about the services provided by Ramsay Safety Solutions, visit ramsaysafetysolutions.co.uk. The areas covered include W1, SW1, EC3, NW1 and SE1.

Accidents in the workplace can be dangerous, not to mention costly for the company, which is why it is a good idea to seek some professional advice to find the right solution for you.

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