Manual Handling Training North London

For manual handling training North London you need to call in the professionals. Here at Ramsay Safety Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the leading manual handling training courses available within the market.

Who is the training course for?

Our manual handling training course is designed for anyone who carries out manual handling activities within their work routine. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 was created to ensure that employers take the appropriate steps to make sure their workforce are working in a safe environment. Suitable Training needs to be provided for tasks which are carried out for the working activity. If you work in an environment where you are lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling objects then you will need to undergo a manual handling training course.

What’s included within the course?

  • For our manual handling course the following topics will be covered –
  • Identifying and understanding the risks associated with manual handling.
  • Learning the value of risk assessment and how to apply it.
  • Make recommendations to manage risk.
  • Apply the principles of safer handling to a range of everyday manual handling tasks.


We are able to provide our manual handling training courses if you are local to the following areas –

  • Bedfordshire (Beds)
  • Hertfordshire (Herts)
  • North London

 Remember, for manual handling training North London look no further than here at Ramsay Safety Solutions. For course bookings and enquiries you can contact us on 0800 690 6293.

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