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Welcome to Ramsay Safety Solutions, if you are looking for noise assessments in Beds & Herts then you are in safe hands with us. We are a leading Health & Safety company within the local area and we deliver effective noise assessments which will help protect your business.

By law, as an employer, you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to noise so that you can protect the hearing of your employees.

Where the risks identified by your noise assessment are low, the actions you take may be simple and inexpensive, but where the risks are high, you should manage them using a prioritised noise-control action plan.

The Regulations tighten the legal requirements in relation to noise by lowering the exposure action values to 80 and 85 dB (A). Whilst this may not appear to be a large change it is important to realise every 3 dB doubles the noise, so what might seem like small differences in the numbers can be quite significant.

The Noise Regulations 2005 require employers to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work and in particular to:

  • Assess the risks to employees from noise at work;
  • Take action to reduce the noise exposure that produces those risks
  • Provide employees with hearing protection if they cannot reduce the noise exposure enough by using other methods;
  • Make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded;
  • Provide employees with information, instruction and training;
  • Carry out health surveillance where there is a risk to health.

Employers who have already undertaken noise assessment will need to review their noise assessment findings to determine what action they need to take to comply with the lowered exposure action levels.

If employees are exposed to an unacceptable noise level for a long period and develops hearing loss or any other related issue, then as the employer you can face prosecution from the Health and Safety Executive or a potential civil claim from an employee.

Within a noise assessment all noise levels are assessed and then certain procedures will be implemented to help reduce the effects this will have on your employees, starting with the most serious cases first.

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