Obtaining sound advice – Using a competent Safety Consultancy

Why bother appointing a competent person to assist you with your safety obligations?

As we know to manage Health and Safety as an Employer we must either:

Appoint someone within your organisation, with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications, or if this is not possible, then external competent persons would be needed to be engaged  so that legal obligations can be met.

We also need to think about the moral obligations, do we want that your employees suffer injury or ill health?

Remember not investing in Health and Safety, would lead to business loses, poor PR, Fines, and potential civil claims and enforcement actions.

Obtaining sound advice

When selecting the right partner to assist you, be careful  that they do not produce generic documentation that does not cover the risks that you are trying to manage.

One size does not fit all!

All of our documentation is bespoke to your business. [Not a tick box exercise]

Always meet with the consultant and think about advice you may need and that they have suitable experience in your sector.

Set up a realistic budget, that the consultant can assist you, with a complete solution, that will serve you well in the longer term, not a quick fix solution.

What does a consultant undertake?

  • Provide an Health and Safety Audit of your business to establish how compliant you are with the law
  • Assist to implement a suitable Health and Safety Policy
  • Identify hazards, and risks within the workplace and suggest suitable practical control measures
  • Improve the effectiveness of your Health and Safety Management system
  • Identify training needs to meet your legal obligations
  • Carryout accident investigations and assist with statutory reporting

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