Promoting a Positive Safety Culture

There is no quick fixes to improve the safety culture, it takes time and commitment by all employees and Management at all levels within an organisation.

It is known that the positive culture develops quicker results if there is a firm commitment from ‘Senior Management’ and this is followed through by all.

Some points to consider:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of Health & Safety through training and regular information
  • Don’t put profit before safety it always costs more in the end!
  • Ensure that you invest in providing a better workplace, such as segregating traffic flows, better equipment and the quality of the general environment
  • Be proactive, not reactive to an accident, prevent it from happening in the first place, and learn lessons if it does, prevent re-occurrence at all costs!
  • Ensure good communication, up, down and across the organisation and implement effective regular consultation with all staff
  • Promote good job satisfaction and morale and encourage high standards
  • Increase the amount of time managers spend amongst the workers and work in partnership with Health and Safety Representatives
  • Avoid an unjust blame culture, only attribute blame to workers who take unnecessary risks and are negligent

Always involve workers to assist with:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk Assessment with effective control measures
  • Development of Training
  • Workplace monitoring by conducting regular inspections with the Management team
  • Employees become part of an accident Investigation team

Remember, a positive culture can improve your business, and save you money at the same time; it is worth investing in improving your workplace, this will bring positive improvements in all areas of the business.


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