Relying on Generic Risk Assessments

Relying on Generic Risk assessments?

Don’t rely on Generic Risk Assessments  these are the reasons why..

Generic risk assessments

Where many of the risk factors will be similar or identical throughout the organisation, employers may produce ‘model’ or ‘generic’ risk assessments for all or part of their organisations.

There is no reason to object to a generic approach, but it is important, as is pointed out in the HSE’s guidance, that the generic assessment is applied in each location, where managers must:

  • satisfy themselves that the ‘model’ assessment is appropriate to their type of work
  • adapt the ‘model’ to the detail of their own actual work situations, including any extension necessary to cover hazards and risks not referred to in the ‘model’.

The need for regular review

Risk assessment is not a one-off event. It is (or should be) a continuous event that reacts to change.

Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulation 3 says that the risk assessment must be reviewed by the employer if:

  • there is reason to believe that it is no longer valid
  • there has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates

It is good practice for Assessments to be reviewed at regular intervals, as well, to ensure that changes have not slipped through.

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