Workplace Tool Box Talks

What is a Toolbox Talk?

A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion among employees that focuses on a particular safety issue.

Who Conducts Toolbox Talks?

Anyone can conduct a Toolbox Talk. However, it is a good idea to select individuals who have expertise on a given topic. Most commonly delivery is given by a supervisor. Encourages group discussion and questions.

How Long and How Often Should they be Conducted?

A Toolbox Talk is intended to occur during shift meetings or can be incorporated into another operational meeting. They could take place on a monthly basis, and should take no longer than fifteen minutes.

Do Toolbox Talks Take the Place of Required Safety Training?

NO. They are intended to be a brief supplemental discussion each month on relevant safety issues. They do not replace formal safety training.

How is Attendance Tracked and Filed?

Each Manager or Supervisor conducting a talk will ask the employee’s present, to print and sign their name on the back of a master training copy, it will be kept in their files for record keeping purposes subject to periodic auditing by Risk Management or Training and Compliance.

What to Talk About?

Toolbox talks can be used as a reminder of key points. The subject areas can be based on what has been learnt from an incident. The safety committee can choose a suggested topic per month, based on factors, such as the time of year and activities taking place on within their organisation. Managers and Supervisors are encouraged to use the suggested monthly topic, along with any elective item that is relevant to their specific group.

Encourage employees to suggest topics. They often know best where the dangers are.

We can assist with generating toolbox talks and communicating them please contact us for further information